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Another Google+ Review…

Google Plus Logo





After a two month blogging hiatus, there’s probably not a better subject to return to writing about than Google+, the latest Social Networking tool proposed by the Search Engine giant.

Having finally got myself an invite to the beta version today, I have been able to navigate around the platform, add friends to my ‘Circles’ and post updates. After viewing an article on Mashable about the Pro’s and Con’s of Google+, it’s easy to see why these likes and dislikes have been selected by a number of people.

It’s true, the user interface of G+ is¬†fantastic, simple to navigate around and find what you’re looking for. I also really love Circles; being able to put different friends in different groups and tailor your updates for certain circles only solves previous issues of what personal updates you don’t want prospective employers or colleagues to see. ‘Sparks’ is also a great idea, being able to list various interests and monitor news about them is a useful addition, although a problem I have encountered so far is ‘Football’ contains news on what some may call ‘Soccer’, but also American Football, which can be annoying. I have yet to use the ‘Hangout’ feature for video calling, but an interesting comparison could be between that and Facebook’s new video service, released last week in partnership with Skype.

One thing I would personally like to see is increased integration with other Social Networks, Such as Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn etc, but perhaps this will be a later addition once Google+ is fully launched. Given that many people see plus as Google’s rival service to Facebook, it’s unlikely that a Facebook integration feature will be developed.

Although at present there is no easy way to share your personal profile URL with others, the website allows you to create an easy-to-share URL once you have acquired your Google+ ID.

Can it become the “new Facebook” ? Only time will tell, but this is definitely Google’s strongest offering in Social Networking.


More to come soon!

Apologies for the lack of post in recent weeks; having a number of exams in my final year really took its toll (and all my time!). However, as I am now finished, I will be continuing to update this blog regularly. Cheers

Work Experience at a Digital Marketing Agency

Having been interested in Digital Marketing for some time, I jumped at the chance to gain some work experience at Delineo, an agency I was fully aware of thanks to my Digital Marketing Communications Management course at University. After an initial chat with Tom Mason about my ideas and aspirations, I was offered the opportunity to join Delineo for two days a week on a Social Media Work Experience Placement.
During my time in the role, I was given the opportunity to analyse a number of client social media accounts; understanding the strategy for targeting and interacting with consumers and how social media is used as an effective marketing tool.

Following this I was able to personally implement any ideas I had to communicate with consumers on various platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Having already analysed a number of accounts, I already had the knowledge of the type of language and writing style to use, relative to each individual target market. I obtained some great experience of how to effectively use social media for business, and how simple communication methods can generate interest from a wide audience.
During my time at Delineo I have also seen how various roles within online marketing interact and complement each other to deliver successful campaigns for clients. I enjoyed working with the team thoroughly and was made to feel as part of the group instantly on my arrival. With the friendly nature of the staff, together with the quality of the work that is produced, it is easy to see why so many clients choose Delineo to manage their marketing and advertising.

Gaining valuable experience within the Digital Marketing field has furthered my desire to achieve a career within the industry upon graduation from University in the coming months, and I cannot thank Delineo enough for giving me the opportunity to become part of the team and experience working within such as successful company. I would thoroughly recommend the placement to anyone considering a career in the industry and looking to gain some experience from some of the finest professionals in the North West, if not the country.

Thanks Delineo!

“And the award for best Social Media Integration goes to….”

Having been browsing for restaurants to visit recently, I came accross the Giraffe Website. I was immediately stunned at the level of social media integration (SMI) the homepage included:
Social media integration on the giraffe homepage
As you can see from the yellow box, the homepage includes the latest tweets from Giraffe, and also a link to Follow Giraffe on twitter. But it gets better than this.
Facebook Like's for Giraffe's Menu
This page shows the latest Main Menu available at Giraffe, with what I think is the most clever use of SMI: “X people like this on Facebook – Like” for each meal choice. Users can see which meals are the most popular, and if they are visiting the website after eating in Giraffe they can “Like” the meal and share to Facebook. Seeing a meal that has a high number of likes will give the user the confidence of knowing the quality of the food, and if so many people like it, the likelihood is they will too!

Of course, this isn’t just good for Giraffe’s customers. At the small click of a (Like) button, Giraffe becomes known on the most popular Social Networking Site in the world, and can be seen by (depending on the user) hundreds of friends.
Scott Likes BBQ Ribs on Giraffe
The Like can appear not just on the user’s profile page but also on friends’ news feeds. This effectively advertises Giraffe to a large audience – without costing them a penny.
In addition to using Sites such as Twitter & Facebook, also uses the Image sharing site Flickr to share images of its restaurants and products.

An effective and easy way of using the Social Media world for the benefit of not just your customers, but your business too. Well done Giraffe.

ProDevDay 2010 Video

Further to my earlier blog post on ProDevDay 2010, Here’s a short video of what happened on the day.

KLM Surprises

Having seen this posted by one of my friends to Facebook, I felt it would be great to use as a blog post.

The airline KLM used the Social network twitter to find its passengers waiting to board various flights, and then surprised them with small, tailored gifts in order to prevent boredom during long waiting times. The video below shows the experiment, and highlights the implications of using various social networking sites to an organisation’s advantage. So next time you’re waiting for a flight, make sure you tweet it, check in, etc etc because you never know what you will receive!


New Banner (At Last)

Charlie hard at work on the computer








So I finally got myself a new banner for my blog. All the credit goes to Charlie Dixon (my housemate) for his photoshop & illustrator skills. The photo is of me but we decided it looked best with my face cut out of it! Not sure why.