Digital and Social Media insights from an overenthusiastic student.

Work Experience at a Digital Marketing Agency

Having been interested in Digital Marketing for some time, I jumped at the chance to gain some work experience at Delineo, an agency I was fully aware of thanks to my Digital Marketing Communications Management course at University. After an initial chat with Tom Mason about my ideas and aspirations, I was offered the opportunity to join Delineo for two days a week on a Social Media Work Experience Placement.
During my time in the role, I was given the opportunity to analyse a number of client social media accounts; understanding the strategy for targeting and interacting with consumers and how social media is used as an effective marketing tool.

Following this I was able to personally implement any ideas I had to communicate with consumers on various platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Having already analysed a number of accounts, I already had the knowledge of the type of language and writing style to use, relative to each individual target market. I obtained some great experience of how to effectively use social media for business, and how simple communication methods can generate interest from a wide audience.
During my time at Delineo I have also seen how various roles within online marketing interact and complement each other to deliver successful campaigns for clients. I enjoyed working with the team thoroughly and was made to feel as part of the group instantly on my arrival. With the friendly nature of the staff, together with the quality of the work that is produced, it is easy to see why so many clients choose Delineo to manage their marketing and advertising.

Gaining valuable experience within the Digital Marketing field has furthered my desire to achieve a career within the industry upon graduation from University in the coming months, and I cannot thank Delineo enough for giving me the opportunity to become part of the team and experience working within such as successful company. I would thoroughly recommend the placement to anyone considering a career in the industry and looking to gain some experience from some of the finest professionals in the North West, if not the country.

Thanks Delineo!


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